Beaverton Toyota Campus

Case Study


Architecture, LEED, Interior Design, Environmental Graphics, Custom Signage & Wayfinding




Beaverton, OR

By carefully integrating the Toyota Corporate image program and the Humberston family’s forty year brand history with the new overlay of LEED, everything at Beaverton Toyota is redesigned from the ground up. This means not just every squarefoot of space, inside and out, but also the marketing materials and employee apparel, too. The sales brochures, the educational signage about the building’s green features, and the donation boxes for local charities – it’s all part of Beaverton Toyota’s new branding strategy. So is communicating their commitment to transparency in pricing with the minimum use of solid walls; or proving the value of their extended warranty and maintenance services with the fully revamped 47-lift service center. Each piece of this multi-disciplinary design puzzle is another way the customer experiences the dealership’s slogan “Together we roll.”